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Can I know which products to buy for my coffee machine?

Sure, you can use the search box "Find the coffee for your coffee maker" in home page. The system will identify the products in pods or capsules compatible with your coffee maker.

What does it mean original and compatible capsules?

The term original is referred to any form of capsule patented by a skilled company. "Compatibles" are all the capsules with the same size of the original but it's reproduced by another company

Most of our compatible products have been tested directly on the most popular models of coffee maker.

What is an "adapter"?

An "adapter" is the accessory that allows to use compatible capsule with a coffee maker that normally uses another kind of product.

It is not an original component proposed by the manufacturer but is specifically made by other companies who test it on the best-selling coffee makers.




Are prices comprehensive of VAT?

Yes, all prices published on our website are inclusive of VAT.

You must be registered to be able to buy?

No, you can also make purchases as HOST. In this way your data will be managed only for the current order.

PS: for any subsequent purchases you will need to re-enter all the information and you will not see the previous orders.


Is it possibile to ship items to an address different from that added during the registration?

Yes, we can ship to wherever you want.

When ordering, simply select NEW ADDRESS from the menu in the section Billing and Delivery; the address will be saved as your "Place of delivery". Alternatively, you can update the appropriate area, Place of delivery, present in your personal profile.


Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel a placed order promptly contacting the toll free number 800.015445.

NB: once received the shipping notification it will no longer be possible to proceed to cancel the order.

Can I change the method of payment of a placed order?

Yes, you can choose one of the other methods of payment available by forwarding your request to the toll free number 800.015445 or sending an email at

How can I use the "discount code" received?

You can use the discount code received inserting it into the field present in the cart. To activate the code you need to click on "Apply coupon".

Why I can’t apply the discount code?

If clicking on the "Apply good" you do not see the value of the discount, it is possible that the code has expired. For more details please contact us at toll free number 800.015445.

Is it possible to receive the invoice?

Yes, we issue invoice for all orders. You'll find a copy of the invoice inside the package; alternatively you can download it by logging into your personal profile of the website



How do I know if my order has been dispatched?

Once we ship, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the shipment and the tracking number.

Why I can not track the shipping with the tracking number received?

The tracking number is normally seen within 24 hours from the confirmation of shipment. If the problem persists after that period, there may be a temporary anomaly of the courier's website. Please contact us at toll free number 800.015445 for more information.

How much is shipping and which are the delivery times?

Shipping charges are calculated based on the amount of the order and will be shown during the course of purchase (except for the references marked with FREE SHIPPING).

In Italy, goods are normally delivered within 24 / 48h (72h / 96h Islands and uncomfortable place) to be calculated from the date of shipment.

Do you ship internationally and which are the delivery times?

Sure, we ship abroad. Delivery times depend on the destination and shipping costs depend on the number of packages and the relative weight / volume. It's possible to make an estimate of the shipping costs in the shopping cart screen or contact our Customer Service at the number +39 0825 682833 for further information or quotation requests.

How can I get free shipping?

By placing an Order and choosing references marked with the stamp FREE SHIPPING: in this case, if you add other items not marked with this label, contact Customer Service to check the possibility to confirm the promotion.

Free shipping is offered only for Italy.

The courier calls me before delivery?

Normally the courier does not carry telephone notice, anyway you may use the appropriate field "Notes for the courier" to ask him to do that.

What happens if I am absent at the time of delivery?

Don't worry: goods will not be returned to the sender at the first try. The courier should leave a notice of passage with all the references to contact him. A new delivery will be tried on the first working day available. We will contact you by email or telephone to agree a new delivery attempt, confirming or changing the destination.

Can I pay by check on delivery?

No, payment on delivery can only be made by cash and only for shipments in Italy.

You may choose to pay at the moment of the delivery only if the amount of the order is less than 1,000 €.

What should I do if I receive a damaged package?

All orders depart from our warehouse perfectly packed, so that the package is protected from accidental opening. However, if the package is damaged or presented with evidence of tampering (eg. The presence of the carrier tape), we recommend to accept with the note "Goods unchecked", indicating exactly the damage found before signing.

Any defects or flaws must, however, be reported within 48 hours of discovery and certified with a photo of the package send by email at, so as to require the withdrawal and the possible replacement of the packages that are effectively damaged.

The goods received are different from that ordered, what should I do?

Contact us at the toll free number 800.015445 or at in order to report the problem. Please give us the order number and take some photos of the package and the merchandise. We will evaluate what to do.

Can I pick up the order placed at a Pick up Point?

Yes, when ordering, you can select "Collection at a store" and choose one of Pick up point available.

I selected delivery at a Pick up Point, when I can go to pick up?

You can pick up the merchandise at the selected Pick up Point, after receiving the notice of retractable goods. Usually, package will be retractable within 3/4 working days from the purchase.

Can I exercise the right of withdrawal?

Under current legislation for consumer protection, the right of withdrawal may be exercised by the consumer, under penalty of forfeiture, within fourteen days of receipt of goods. Full information is available at "Returns and Refunds" on the website


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